CyberRange-e: fending off digital attacks

Strengthen your cyber security and prepare your business for potential threats

Without ever-increasing digitalisation, the energy transition would not be possible. However, it also makes the energy system more complex. This opens up numerous additional paths for cyber attacks, which are becoming more and more professional. Such attacks have already led to outages in energy supply in several countries.

Frequently, cyber -attacks are not initially identified as such: the staff in the system control centre goes about their routine work. All of a sudden, some initial unusual events occur, then the electricity grid breaks down. It becomes clear only after some time has passed that the power outage is not due to technical problems, but that someone has hacked into the system. Cyber security training therefore focuses on prevention and early detection of attacks.

How well is your company prepared for a cyber attack?

The harmless looking outage that is actually a cyber attack is only one of the real-world scenarios at our CyberRange-e training centre. Here, as an energy utility and system operator, you can test whether your emergency processes work effectively and efficiently – without exposing your system to real threats. The training will help you to increase your resilience in grid operation and to practice how to fend off a cyber attack.

CyberRange-e  training plan

Your cyber security training plan

The CyberRange-e training courses prepare the employees of energy utilities and system operators for an attack under real-world conditions. The modules convey knowledge about detecting and analysing anomalies and cyber security events, defence strategies, techniques and tools as well as practising and validating existing crisis management processes.

Theory, practice sessions and “war gaming” scenarios are all part of the training. War gaming is akin to a live role play: in realistic simulations the participants fend off the attacks of professional hackers on critical systems. In this way they learn to effectively apply the knowledge they have gained during the theoretical and practical sessions.

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How does a CyberRange-e training session work?

CyberRange-e provides a unique training environment for energy utilities and system operators. During the preparation phase we analyse your IT/OT infrastructure and recreate it at the CyberRange-e. During the practical training phase, the war gaming, the participants in the “blue team” carry out their usual function of operating personnel in the system control centre, IT and management. Professional hackers from the CyberRange-e, the “red team”, attack the infrastructure from a different room within the training centre. In this way, the anonymous threat of a cyber-attack becomes palpable. During the training, you are continuously monitored and instructed by experienced CyberRange-e trainers, the “white team”.

Analysing security incidents

Checking the IT infrastructure

Fending off cyber attacks

Cyber security starts with the individual employee

The individual employees and their knowledge of threats play a key role in the security concept of Westenergie Netzservice GmbH. Our employees need to know what approaches potential attackers take. In order to prepare optimally for an actual attack, Group Security has developed CyberRange-e together with internal and external partners. Here, we train our employees and customers to detect and fend off cyber-attacks.

What CyberRange-e offers

We are very well connected

We are very well connected

We work with security authorities such as the BSI, the BKA and the BfV* and also communicate on an ongoing basis with international industry and trade associations such as EE-ISAC, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), the CERT community and Trusted Introducer.

We tailor the training to your needs

We tailor the training to your needs

We design every training course on an individual basis, recreate your IT and OT infrastructure and customise the modules to suit your individual situation. In this way we avoid under-challenging or overburdening the participants and ensure that the training is successful.

We are operators of critical infrastructures ourselves

We are operators of critical infrastructures ourselves

As an energy utility and operators of electricity, gas and water grids, we are a potential target of cyber-attacks ourselves. In the CyberRange-e we pass on our experience in fending off cyber-attacks to you.

* German Federal Office for Information Security, German Federal Criminal Police Office, German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

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