Laboratory and service centre

for electrical power engineering

Our testing areas

The Testing Institute Eurotest is an independent testing laboratory that achieves international standards. We ensure to our customers that our processes will be performed professionally and in compliance with legal and normative requirements at an internationally comparable level.
Our DIN EN ISO 9001-certified testing laboratory (Certificate Registration No. 44 100 130408-001)  is available to manufacturers and users alike for testing the conformity to standards and usability of electrical engineering products. 
Operating for over 40 years as a test facility for power supply companies, Eurotest specializes in testing of electrical components:

High-voltage equipment and installations 
Low-voltage equipment and installations
EMC testing
Crimp and screw connectors
Cables and lines
Three-phase electric power cable fittings
Insulating materials (oil analyses)

Additionally, our existing facilities and multitude of testing equipment offer many other testing opportunities. You are welcome to ask for them.


High-voltage test equipment

  • Large high-voltage building (20 m x 15 m x 14 m) with 5 t gantry crane
  • D.C. voltage tests up to 350 kV
  • A.C. voltage tests up to 700 kV (50 Hz oder 125 Hz)
  • Pulsed voltage tests 1,2/50 µs up to 1600 kV
  • Pulsed voltage tests 250/2500 µs up to 1200 kV
  • Partial discharge measurements
  • Dissipation factor measurements
  • Water termination system for cable tests up to 350 kV a.c. voltage
  • Corona detection and localisation with UV-Camera

On-site tests

  • Analysis of switching processes in supply networks
  • Network disturbance analysis according to DIN EN 50160 (voltage quality, harmonics)
  • Network feedback testing
  • Earthing measurements in power engineering systems
  • Corona discharge detection
  • Measurement of electric and magnetic fields

High-current testing area

Materials testing laboratory

  • Optical measurements (structure tests)
  • Glow wire testing
  • Hardness testing according to Shore A and Shore D
  • Climate testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Salt-mist testing
  • IP protection-class testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Impact resistance according to Charpy
  • Tensile and compression testing up to 200 kN 

Environmental chamber

  • Dimensions:
    Inside dimensions: 2 m width x 1.6 m length x 2.4 m height
    Door dimensions: 1.99 m high x 1.2 m wide
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Humidity range: 15 % to 95 % relative humidity

EMC laboratory

Electromagnetic compatibility of devices and components

innogy SE, Eurotest carries out EMC tests in the following areas:  

  • Measurement of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in industrial and residential areas
  • Measurement of grid parameters and power grid disturbances (voltage changes, frequency, voltage and current harmonics, pulse-shape network feedback).
  • Power network disturbances.

Consulting is also part of our service:

  • Advice to municipal utilities, regional and superregional energy supply companies on EMC problems that occur, for example, at the utility/customer interface
  • Remedy for occurring EMC problems by consultation and, if necessary, measurements with suitable measuring technology on site
  • Consulting, assistance and support for regional and superregional energy supply companies and municipal utilities in implementing the 26th Regulation on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (26th BImSchV)
  • Joint development of an optimal solution that is individually tailored to the special needs of the customer; cost savings through a systematic and well thought-out approach
  • Specific measurements and calculations of the electrical and magnetic 50 Hz field in accordance with the requirements of the 26th BImSchV – eliminates the need for cost-intensive determination of the emissions of entire plants
  • Supporting in discussions with the competent authorities

Chemistry laboratory

In electrical equipment such as transformers and converters, oils serve as insulating material and coolant. Thermal or electrical faults in this equipment can be diagnosed early by gas-in-oil testing. The aging degree of the insulating oil is also recorded by regular tests. Eurotest tests the insulating oils and then evaluates the results.

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