A thermodynamic simulator for gas cavern storages

KAVPOOL - A thermodynamic simulation for optimising and maximising cavern performance

Storage facility operators are currently facing huge challenges. On the one hand they need to sell 100 per cent of available working gas volume if at all possible. On the other hand they are required to comply with operational restrictions established by authorities and need to provide evidence of non-discriminatory storage access.

Additionally, injection and withdrawal rates are not constant, but rather depend on various operational factors, whereas customers are looking for flexible storage products which they can implement profitably into their trading instruments.

The application of KAVPOOL can help optimise available storage capacity and therefore contribute to more effective commercialisation of relevant storage products.

KAVPOOL - principle of model

Your benefits

  • Forecast possible injection / production volumes on a given rate schedule (considering individual operational constraints)
  • Identify hydrate formation conditions
  • Forecast operational induced cavern convergence
  • Guarantee compliance with defined operational limits

Key features

  • Simulation of all thermodynamic processes in connection with gas storage in solution-mined caverns
  • Processing of different rate specifications (in pool or single cavern mode)
  • Consideration of a high number of different gas components
  • Calculation of operationally induced cavern convergences 

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