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Asset integrity management plays an important role for all plant owners and operators as it considers the impacts on and by the operated facility and focuses on the balance between the interests of all stakeholders. For underground gas storage (UGS) facilities storage wells represent an essential link in the operational chain. All wells are subject to environmental processes and mechanical stresses from storage operations for multiple decades.

Recent UGS industry standards, such as ISO 16530 and NORSOK D-010, give guidance on how operators should assess and monitor the integrity, safety and reliability of their entire well inventory.

Key elements of the industry standards are as follows:

  • Risk assessment in association with well integrity hazards
  • Well barrier identification and verification
  • Well monitoring and surveillance
  • Reporting and documentation logo is an ESK developed software tool that allows a standardised visualisation and documentation of the required well data (casings, well completion, well head and well barriers) regardless of the well's spud date and the quality of available documents.

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