Geological modelling and reservoir simulation

To evaluate and forecast processes in hydrocarbon reservoirs or saline aquifers, realistic modelling of the geological conditions is of great importance.

Interdisciplinary teams of geoscientists and engineers now have access to modern software tools that allow them to carry out such modelling. In addition to determining the best possible use of the underground storage capacity, the integrity of the reservoir and the overlying rock strata (caprock) is monitored.

Geological modelling and reservoir simulation

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  • Geological surveys
  • Log interpretation
  • Core analysis
  • Geological (3D) modelling
  • 3D reservoir simulation
  • Well test analysis
  • Reservoir chemistry (salt precipitation)
  • Geomechanical assessment
  • Storage operational assistance (using our software PORTEC)
  • Storage abandonment procedures
  • Blowout contingency plans and supply of emergency equipment (STOREMAN – Storage Emergency Management System)

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